Zábavné a hravé kolo s 27.5“ koly, vybízí k blbnutí na trailech.130 mm zdvihu opět „Trunnion mounted“ tlumič a samozřejmě zadní stavba Boost.

Frame Geo (140mm Fork) S M L XL
A – Head Angle Low 66.4° 66.4° 66.4° 66.4°
Head Angle X-Low 65.8° 65.8° 65.8° 65.8°
B – Seat Tube Angle Low 74.8° 74.8° 74.8° 74.8°
Seat Tube Angle X-Low 74.2° 74.2° 74.2° 74.2°
C – Virtual Top Tube Length 582.5mm | 22.9″ 603mm | 23.7″ 624mm | 24.6″ 644mm | 25.4″
D – Seat Tube Length 390mm | 15.4″ 425mm | 16.7″ 460mm | 18.1″ 495mm | 19.5″
Bottom Bracket Height Low 338mm | 13.3″ 338mm | 13.3″ 338mm | 13.3″ 338mm | 13.3″
E – Bottom Bracket Height X-Low 330mm | 13.0″ 330mm | 13.0″ 330mm | 13.0″ 330mm | 13.0″
F – Head Tube Length 106mm | 4.2″ 120mm | 4.7″ 133mm | 5.2″ 147mm | 5.8″
G – Chain Stay Length Low 430mm | 16.9″ 430mm | 16.9″ 430mm | 16.9″ 430mm | 16.9″
Chain Stay Length X-Low 432mm | 17.0″ 432mm | 17.0″ 432mm | 17.0″ 432mm | 17.0″
H – Wheel Base Low 1148mm | 45.2″ 1170mm | 46.1″ 1193mm | 47.0″ 1216mm | 47.9″
Wheel Base X-Low 1150mm | 45.3″ 1172mm | 46.1″ 1195mm | 47.0″ 1218mm | 48.0″
I – Standover 690mm | 27.2″ 703mm | 27.7″ 715mm | 28.1″ 727mm | 28.6″
J – Axle to Crown 532mm 532mm 532mm 532mm
K – Offset 42mm 42mm 42mm 42mm
Stack 589mm | 23.2″ 601mm | 23.7″ 613mm | 24.1″ 627mm | 24.7″
Reach 423mm | 16.7″ 440mm | 17.3″ 457mm | 18.0″ 474mm | 18.7″
Sizing 5’3″ – 5’8″ 5’8″ – 6’0″ 6’0″ – 6’4″ 6’4″
Component Sizing Small Medium Large XLarge
Stem Length 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm
Stem Rise
Handlebar Rise 35mm 35mm 35mm 35mm
Handlebar Width 780mm 780mm 780mm 780mm
Crank Length 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm
Sizing 5’3″ – 5’8″ 5’8″ – 6’0″ 6’0″ – 6’4″ 6’4″
Nastavení tlumičů


Prior to performing shock adjustments, determine riding weight ( fully geared up ). Push the shock O-ring against the wiper seal and push the sag adjuster on the non drive side of the Delta Link forward. Lean up against a sturdy wall, friend, or telephone pole and sit on the bike. Being careful not to tip over, dismount the bike and check the SAG indicator. The SAG indicator should barely cover the 30% mark and the O-ring should measure between 15-17mm from the shock body for ideal setup. The Insurgent uses a high volume air canister which compliments the progressive spring curve of the Delta System Suspension, if a less progressive feel is desired then experiment with different air volume spacers. We also found that the Insurgent performs great in the „Descend“ position for most riding conditions, however, for sufferfest climbs and high speed trail riding the „Pedal“ position also works well.


These are just guidelines to start you on your suspension tuning journey. Its very important to tune your front and rear suspension together to get the best set up possible. Play around and find that special tune, then write it down so you don’t forget!


The dual progressive leverage rate curve might make some spring rates seem stiff, we encourage you to try different rates that will allow you to sit deeper into the suspension travel and find that perfect set up.

Naše vychytávky


Our new axle bolts directly into the derailleur hanger for stiff hassle free operation.


Custom ISCG05 tabs to accommodate our lower guide collaboration with e13 components.


Completely redesigned with a focus on simplicity, weight reduction and strength. We increased lateral frame stiffness with redesigned dog bone links that use integrated forged bosses to connect the linkage and simplify maintenance.


Molded Rubber Downtube Protector keeps rocks and debris off the plastic and quiets the ride.


Custom e13 lower guide and bash guard.


Fully integrated carbon chainguide to keep that chain on.


Internal routing for stealth dropper posts. Rear derailleur and brake routing is cleanly routed under the toptube and the rear derailleur cable is internally routed through the swingarm to keep things tidy.


Uni Directional Carbon with One Piece Molded construction from one of the best factories in the business.


Integrated rubber protection for the chainstay and seat stay to keep things peaceful and quiet in the woods.


We added a fancy integrated SAG meter into the non-drive side Delta Link to make suspension set up easy. Push it forward, sit on your bike, adjust air pressure to 30%, then shred.

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